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Modern lighting + Designer lamps
Modern lighting + Designer lamps
Modern lighting + Designer lamps
Modern lighting + Designer lamps
Modern lighting + Designer lamps
Modern lighting + Designer lamps
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Bathroom Lighting

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Good bathroom lighting

Comfortable lighting is agreeably bright and glare-free

Modestly dimensioned or luxuriously appointed, any bathroom can be a wellness oasis, a place for starting the day on a cheerful note or ending it on a relaxing one. Creating the right atmosphere here is largely a task for artificial lighting – whether there is a window in the room or not.

At least two components are needed to ensure lighting comfort in a bathroom: general lighting and mirror lighting. For the general lighting, Fördergemeinschaft Gutes Licht (FGL) recommends surface-mounted ceiling luminaires or recessed ceiling luminaires such as downlights. What is important to remember is that the amount of light required depends on the design of the bathroom. Dark tiles reflect less light, so more luminaires or more powerful lamps are needed to achieve the same brightness as in a bathroom with light-coloured tiles.

Freedom from glare

Shaving, cleaning teeth, refreshing make-up – activities like these call for a well-lit mirror. A single luminaire mounted over it is not enough. Two luminaires – one on each side of the mirror – are required to ensure uniform, shadow-free illumination of facial features. But the light they cast must not dazzle. So luminaires with opal enclosures are a good choice. They provide gentle, diffuse, glare-free lighting.

For all lamps used in a bathroom, a warm-white light colour is recommended. This creates a cosy, homely lighting atmosphere. Also important are the colour rendering properties of the light sources. All lamps for interior use today make for good colour rendering (index Ra ≥80).

Suitable lamps for bathrooms are incandescent and low-voltage tungsten halogen lamps or compact fluorescent and linear three-band fluorescent lamps. These light sources provide a fair guarantee that make-up applied at the bathroom mirror will look the same outdoors in daylight.

Attention: moisture and electricity

Special safety precautions need to be taken in bathrooms because they are a place where both moisture and electricity are present. Like all damp interiors, bathrooms must always be designed in compliance with DIN VDE 0100 Part 701. Only luminaires with high degrees of protection may be installed in the vicinity of a bathtub or shower. At the very least, they need to be protected against spraywater (IP X4) or jetwater (IP X5) and they may only be operated on protective extra-low voltages up to 12V. Quality luminaires are identified by safety test symbols such as VDE, ENEC or GS. For more details, consult an electrical engineer or specialist retailer.

Bathroom Lighting

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